Friday, 22 April 2016

Happy Mother's Day

It is said.. there is no better love than the love of a MOTHER.

The guardian angel, selfless lover, a one who always gives but never expects, one who will fight  the world for her child.

Why not make it  a day to remember and make them feel how special they actually are. HAPPILY FOR YOU brings you a wide range of personalized handcrafted specially made for you.

Albums in wooden base and decorated beautifully with the pictures and quotes & embellishments. Get them in their name/ MOM or any special sentiment. Just what you need to express your love.

Can be done for any name/ MOM/ any sentiment

When words fail picture speaks... Capture your love in these super gorgeous frames with their picture and what better get them in the colour of your choice..they are sure to love these..

                                                                       (Metal clock frame )

There is too much you wish to express but don't know how to put it all together? Fill up all the special reasons and expressions that make them the most important part of your life.. *hear the happy tears all around*

Are they a sweet tooth?? Chocolate is definitely the answer in that case... Straight from the kitchen of Happily For You, these handmade chocolates will add much more sweetness to the celebrations.. 

You can never go wrong with a card, a possession that they treasure forever.

        (Can be done for any occassion)

   (Can be done for any name/sentiment)

She has an undying love for the jewellery  & small knick knacks? get them the super gorgeous jewellery drawers & boxes.. it is sure to adorn their dressers beautifully.. 

That is not it.. if there is anything else that we can help you with, get in touch with us & we will be super happy to help you make your mother feel Special and loved. 

Keep smiling, Be Happy.. 
Happy Mothers  Day

Lots of Love 
Priyanka Thukral

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