Friday, 18 September 2015

Altered Glass Bottles

Today I am sharing my another first with all you lovely ladies.. <3

My clients really help me bring the best out of me and give me every opportunity to try out something new and different each time. 
This time I was asked to work on the glass bottles to be made into a gift to be given to the two most dearest teachers. Because of another first for me I was a  little scared and nervous as to how it would turn out..but the end result was no less than overwhelming.. I was in love.. 

With this altered art It was my another first with the textured paste and stencils... and yess that is when I fell in love with it too.. :P 

I would now leave you lovely people to check out what  I made and hoping  to get your feedbacks for improvements and suggestions..:D 

                                                         In Soothings shades of blue... 

A little chic in the shades of pink: 

Hope you all liked it..:D 
Dont forget to leave some love...<3 
TIA :)

Priyanka Thukral

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