Sunday, 21 June 2015

Yellow themed explosion box

Hey lovely people :)

Here is the explosion box i made for a very pretty girl :) 
Well so here is what i was told 

Theme : birthday 
Product : explosion box 
Colour theme : majorly yellow and if any coordinating colour i want to use
Important : 2 honeybees have to be added and one must be on the cake ..

So here is what i created for her ... 
I used a base of blue and did alot of yellow on it coordinating it with pink :)

I think the pictures will say that for itself .. 
Have a look ;) 

I loved how the effect turned out on this rose punchout :)

First layer (if u see clearly there is a little honey bee on the cake and on the left flap as well ;) )

Second layer 

And finally the cake with these cuteheart yellow roses and white single pollen flowers :) 
Ain't this gorgeous ?? 

I hope you all like it :) 
Do leave your feedback :) 
TIA :) 
lots of love 
Priyanka Thukral