Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Napkin fold card

Hellooo people 
I know its been soooo long that i posted somethinh here .. Apologies!!! Have been keeping too busy with trying my hand at new things ;) 
Here i am today with one of my new creation...;) 
Hopefully i'd be doing a tutorial on the same very soon :D 

It is a napkin fold card with a strip that holds it together .. 
A small cardini with 3 pictures is also inserted inside it for more pictures and messages .... 

Below are the pictures for the same, hope you like it 😀😀😀

The front look : 

Closer look of the strip :

Inside when the strip opens :

A clear view :

Hope you like it 😊😘
Do leave your love in the comments if you like it ❤️

Lots of love 
Priyanka Thukral

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